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Customized Pet Urn

I recently lost my 17 year old dog, I spent most of my life with him, and it was a very deep loss.
I could't stand seeing his ashes in this ugly and generic urn. He was so important to me.  I decided to make some really special for him.
His own, very unique urn.

If you really are a pet lover, you will understand my need of give him something really special, as a last present for him being an important part of my life.

If you are a pet lover like me and you want to give your pet a last gift, send me a bunch of photos... I will make the most beautiful urn for you both. 


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My Sleeping Baby Urn

Customized Pet Sculpture


In The Workshop

Welcome to my favorite place in earth!, the workshop is the most importan place for an artist. Here is where all the creativity born, is a safe place to hide and a good place to share a conversation.

Is the only room in the house I like to clean!

I share this space with my little flurry baby, my cat "bizcochito", you will see her in most of the process videos.



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