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I believe that we all carry a story with us, a secret that we may try and hide from the world, but our expression gives us away. 

These textural portraits offer a sense of yearning for a part of the story to come to light.



Have you ever seen a scene and thought “I wish I could take a little piece of this with me”

That's what inspired me to create this collection. Because taking a picture is not always enough.

Matching real colors with dye is an amazing challenge. I love making new colors by mixing dyes and matching specific tones and colors.

This collection is all about replicating the colors of nature in these little pieces.



I entered the world of spinning not too long ago, and it changed my life view and art forever. “Soft and twisted” is a collection of sensations. Starting with the same white roving each time, I dye, spin, and create a wide variety of yarn and textures, which I use to create my pieces. It intrigues me, the idea of the “twist” in the world of spinning. The more you draft and twist the fiber, the stronger and harder to the touch it gets. This idea reminds me of growing up, and how difficult times make us tougher and stronger.

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