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Digital Illustrator

About me

28 years old. From chile to Salt lake city

I grew up in Chile helping my mom in her lamp factory.  This is where I learned how to make production processes more efficient.  I then used this knowledge to build production lines for multiple art pieces I created.

Because of my life-long commitment to fine arts and illustration, I possess a high level of understanding with new materials and I can quickly assimilate new techniques.

I'm always trying to find new ways to use common materials.

You're never going to see me repeating a piece of art from another artist. 

My goal is for everything I create to be unique and amazing.


Graphite, Polychrome, Watercolor, Acrylic


Sculpting and modeling Clay, Mold making 


Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design


Punch needle, Embroidery

Work experience

tusk sculpture


Salt lake city, UT

August 2018- Salt lake City, UT

Volunteering for local artist,

Stephen Kesler 


Tasks: Carving 5 large rocks in foam, fiberglass and epoxy application.
Carving bones in foam and epoxy application.
Assistance in different processes of  creating a miniature car.

What did I learn?
I learned that foam gets stuck everywhere!!!!

Foam is such a versatile material, and I love that.

I had work with foam in the past, but on this project I worked with it on a different level. . . using all kinds of tools to get rough and detailed textures, different kinds of glues, chemicals and epoxy.

Hard work can be fun! and that if you love what you're doing the hours fly. 

Your body gets used to be standing for hours!

Carlos fernández 


Santiago, Chile

January 2018- Santiago, Chile
Carlos Fernandez workshop, Chilean artist.


Task: Participation and assistance  in the sculpting process of four large female bodies, from the structure fabrication, until the clay modeling.
Using professional plastilina clay, also made in the workshop. 

What did I learn?


With Carlos I learned "only buy what you can't make by yourself"

Life in Chile is not like in USA, we don't have 60% off coupons... and supplies can be expeeeeensive.


so, why buy a "precision compass?" if you can make one!

Why buy plastic clay, if we can make it in the shop?!!

some of my

Visual art work

My Double- July 2017


In the world of the visual arts there's just one topic that I love...  Multiverse.

The majority of my work is related to Parallel universes, and how they could affect my life and my body.

I have been working with the idea of, "how would my other version of life be?"
How would they look, how would they live and how would they die?...

Using as a basic metaphor, "Everything that could have happened but didn't, will pass in another universe."

In my work, "My Double," I talk about how everyone has a moment.  "I could have died" and I represent my moment, standing beside of one of my many "other versions" that actually did die.

she- January 2018

In my work, "She," I talk about how there can exist a million versions of us in different universes, but also, exist billions of versions of us in the universe that we live in.

They are all born in the minds of those who know us.


To my friends, I'm a super honest person, always willing to help when needed.  But for the person who saw me running after I crashed into his car I'm a So$%/(&/$..!

There is a billion of versions of me and I'm all of them.


+1 801 690 2164


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